Golden Apple Corporation

17" 18"


Part # Size PCD Offset Finish
A1875810A42BK 18x7.50 5x110/112 42 GLOSS BLACK
A1875810A42G 18x7.50 5X110/114.3 42 GOLD
A1875810A42GM 18x7.50 5X110/114.3 42 GUN METAL
A1875810A42S 18x7.50 5x110/112 42 SILVER
A1875810H42BK 18x7.50 5x100/114.3 42 GLOSS BLACK
A1875810H42G 18x7.50 5X100/114.3 42 GOLD
A1875810H42GM 18x7.50 5X100/114.3 42 GUN METAL
A1875810H42S 18x7.50 5x100/114.3 42 SILVER
A187588A42BK 18x7.50 4x100/108 42 GLOSS BLACK
A187588A42G 18x7.50 4X100/108 42 GOLD
A187588A42GM 18x7.50 4X100/108 42 GUN METAL
A187588A42S 18x7.50 4x100/108 42 SILVER
A187588H42BK 18x7.50 4x100/114.3 42 GLOSS BLACK
A187588H42G 18x7.50 4X100/114.3 42 GOLD
A187588H42GM 18x7.50 4X100/114.3 42 GUN METAL
A187588H42S 18x7.50 4x100/114.3 42 SILVER
A187710A42BK 17x0.00 5x110/112 42 GLOSS BLACK
A187710A42G 17x7.00 5X110/114.3 42 GOLD
A187710A42GM 17x7.00 5X110/114.3 42 GUN METAL
A187710A42S 17x7.00 5x110/112 42 SILVER
A187710H42BK 17x7.00 5x100/114.3 42 GLOSS BLACK
A187710H42G 17x7.00 5X100/114.3 42 GOLD
A187710H42GM 17x7.00 5X100/114.3 42 GUN METAL
A187710H42S 17x7.00 5x100/114.3 42 SILVER
A18778A42BK 17x7.00 4x100/108 42 GLOSS BLACK
A18778A42G 17x7.00 4X100/108 42 GOLD
A18778A42GM 17x7.00 4X100/108 42 GUN METAL
A18778A42S 17x7.00 4x100/108 42 SILVER
A18778H42BK 17x7.00 4x100/114.3 42 GLOSS BLACK
A18778H42G 17x7.00 4X100/114.3 42 GOLD
A18778H42GM 17x7.00 4X100/114.3 42 GUN METAL
A18778H42S 17x7.00 4x100/114.3 42 SILVER
A1875810A42BL 18x7.50 5x110/112 42 BLUE
A1875810A42BZ 18x7.50 5x110/112 42 BRONZE
A1875810A42RD 18x7.50 5x110/112 42 RED
A1875810H42BL 18x7.50 5x100/114.3 42 BLUE
A1875810H42BZ 18x7.50 5x100/114.3 42 BRONZE
A1875810H42RD 18x7.50 5x100/114.3 42 RED
A1875810H48BK 18x7.50 5x100/114.3 48 GLOSS BLACK
A1875810H48BL 18x7.50 5x100/114.3 48 BLUE
A1875810H48BZ 18x7.50 5x100/114.3 48 BRONZE
A1875810H48RD 18x7.50 5x100/114.3 48 RED
A1875810H48S 18x7.50 5x100/114.3 48 SILVER
A187588A42BL 18x7.50 4x100/108 42 BLUE
A187588A42BZ 18x7.50 4x100/108 42 BRONZE
A187588A42RD 18x7.50 4x100/108 42 RED
A187588H42BL 18x7.50 4x100/114.3 42 BLUE
A187588H42BZ 18x7.50 4x100/114.3 42 BRONZE
A187588H42RD 18x7.50 4x100/114.3 42 RED
A187710A42BL 17x7.00 5x110/112 42 BLUE
A187710A42BZ 17x7.00 5x110/112 42 BRONZE
A187710A42RD 17x7.00 5x110/112 42 RED
A187710H42BL 17x7.00 5x100/114.3 42 BLUE
A187710H42BZ 17x7.00 5x100/114.3 42 BRONZE
A187710H42RD 17x7.00 5x100/114.3 42 RED
A187710H48BK 17x7.00 5x100/114.3 48 GLOSS BLACK
A187710H48BL 17x7.00 5x100/114.3 48 BLUE
A187710H48BZ 17x7.00 5x100/114.3 48 BRONZE
A187710H48RD 17x7.00 5x100/114.3 48 RED
A187710H48S 17x7.00 5x100/114.3 48 SILVER
A18778A42BL 17x7.00 4x100/108 42 BLUE
A18778A42BZ 17x7.00 4x100/108 42 BRONZE
A18778A42RD 17x7.00 4x100/108 42 RED
A18778H42BL 17x7.00 4x100/114.3 42 BLUE
A18778H42BZ 17x7.00 4x100/114.3 42 BRONZE
A18778H42RD 17x7.00 4x100/114.3 42 RED
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